Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 18 Board Meeting Highlights

At the June 18 Board meeting, your PUUC Board:

  • Welcomed new board member Melissa Avery-Weir as Treasurer, and thanked former board members Lou Gardner-Parks, Robin Mara, and Shaun Allen for serving.

  • Decided to hold a Leadership Retreat on Aug 16th. Details will be sent by Rev. Robin and Karl to leadership.

  • Decided on a Board Covenant

  • Discussed the focus of the board for the coming year which touched on governance, a shared ministry, and ways to offer opportunities for members to get involved. Discussion will continue.

Please ask any Board member for more information about these items or other Board business.
In faith,
Karl Hesse, Lucy Neel, Melissa Avery-Weir, Sam Treadaway, Carol Scales, Evan Nash and Pam Whistler
PUUC Board of Trustees

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