Sunday, August 4, 2013

Denominational Connections

“This little light of Mine."  We love this song and sing it a lot in our UU services.  It’s one of the easy ones, we all know it, and it makes us feel good.  It helps us connect and think about our flaming chalice and the symbol of the beacon. 

I think about this song when I remember the first time our fledgling congregation looked for help from the Chalice Lighter Program of the Thomas Jefferson District of the UUA.  It was 1988 and we were full of hope that our congregation could call an Extension Minister and start on our way to becoming PUUC.  People from other UU congregations decided to shine their light and gave us the grant which started us on our journey toward the congregation we have become.  Many of us have become Chalice Lighters.  In fact, 29.1% of our congregation participate! 

In the months ahead I will be talking and writing about our Southeast District Chalice Lighter Program and keeping you informed of opportunities to connect to our sister congregations in this area and gatherings throughout the district.  Mark your calendar now for the Western Carolina's Gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville on September 28.  It will be informative and fun, and help you feel connected!

Sandra Woolsey, Denominational Connections

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