Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Then and Now

Beginning July 1st, it is my privilege to serve as the president of your Board of Trustees.  This is my second go-around.  I previously served as president for a couple of years in the mid-90’s.  Much has changed since then… our membership has more than doubled, our campus has increased substantially, we have grown from one to two gatherings where we hold three services each Sunday, we have a sanctuary and classrooms for religious education, we are fortunate to have a terrific staff that supports the mission of our church, and we are equally fortunate to have Justin as our assistant minister.  And then there is Reverend Robin, who inspires us, and challenges us, each Sunday.

Yes - much has changed over the past twenty years.  But I am reminded of what has never changed.  Piedmont has always been a church that has intentionally reached out to our entire region.  That intentionality resulted in the founding of our Salisbury Gathering.  We have always been an inclusive lot.  That spirit has led to us being recognized as a “Welcoming Congregation”.  We have always believed that good faith results in good works.  That belief has resulted in countless social justice initiatives, spearheaded by our Social Justice Council.  We have always pointed-out areas of injustice and inequality, no matter how inconvenient that truth might be.  That temperament has guided us repeatedly as we “stand on the side of love”.

I am excited.  Throughout the life of our beloved faith community, we have been seekers and strivers. Guided by your collective wisdom, passion, and energy – I know your leadership team will continue seeking and striving to hold up this proud tradition. 

It’s going to be a great year!

Sam Treadaway

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