Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update From the Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee has been busy since we last wrote to you.  There are important updates we would like to share with you are copied below. We encourage you to be in touch with any member of the Personnel Committee with questions.  We will be around each Sunday to answer your questions.  Please look for the nametags with a smiley face, that’s us!

Some things we would like to update you about…

With the help of the Religious Education Council, we created a job description for a Religious Education Coordinator (REC).  This is an interim role.  The plan is for the REC to help out with mainly administrative tasks (religious education registration, email lists, class supplies) until August 8th as we transition to a new Director of Religious Education.  A copy of the job description can be found here: The Board has hired Karen Moseley to fill this interim position, at the recommendation of the Personnel Committee.  Karen comes with many skills and talents, including 7 years of previous DRE experience and 50 hours toward her Master’s in Divinity.  We hope you will introduce yourself to Karen as you see her on Sundays. Her first Sunday in the role will be on April 28.  

The Personnel Committee is now completing phone interviews for the Assistant Minister position.  Phone interviews will be complete at the end of April at which time we will hold in-person interviews.  The Personnel Committee has created the current job description based on the Chalice Lighter Grant Committee’s work as well as a review with the Pastoral Care Committee and Membership Committee.  The job description can be found here  Similar to any search process, the names of candidates are kept confidential, but we welcome any questions you may have about the process.  The final candidate will be presented to the Board of Trustees who decides on whether to hire the assistant minister.  We anticipate presenting a final candidate to the Board by June 1st.  Once the Board has made a decision, the name of the new Assistant Minister will be presented to the entire congregation.  

Last, the hiring process for the Director of Religious Education is just beginning.  After seeking input from the Religious Education Council, the Personnel Committee submitted a job description to the Board of Trustees for review.  Once an agreed upon job description is created, we will post this to our website, the Liberal Religious Educator’s communication channels, the District and regional websites.  The Personnel Committee and Susie Benner, Chair of the Religious Education Council will conduct all the interviews.  We hope to have our Director of Religious Education joining us in August, but it will depend upon how interviewing goes and when they are available to start.  

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or stop us when you see us.
Warm regards,

Gordon Bostic, Chair
Susan Jenkins
Susan Burns
The Personnel Committee

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