Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 18 Board Meeting Highlights

At the April 18 Board meeting, your PUUC Board:

  • Welcomed and signed a contract with Karen Moseley who will serve as PUUC Religious Education Coordinator until a new Director of Religious Education is hired later this Spring.

  • Scheduled a Congregational Retreat for the weekend of Sept. 6-7, to renew consensus on PUUC governance, roles and responsibilities.

  • Considered a recommendation from the PUUC/Piedmont Progressive Preschool Task Force and decided to invite the PPP to submit a letter requesting status as a PUUC sponsored group; their request will be on the agenda for discussion at the next Congregational meeting on June 2.

  • Recommended having a PUUC Picnic on a Saturday in July to celebrate and bring together University and Salisbury members at a park between the two locations; Heidi Magi and Shakeisha Gray have agreed to coordinate the event. (Heidi says to expect ice-breakers and super-soakers!)

Please ask any Board member for more information about these items or other Board business.
In faith,
Lucy Neel, Shaun Allen, Lou Gardiner-Parks, Karl Hesse, Robin Mara, Evan Nash and Pam Whistler
PUUC Board of Trustees

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