Friday, May 31, 2013

Music Notes

June is the last month of the church year and we have a lot of exciting things going on in the musical program.  The choir will be singing on the first three Sundays of June, starting with Ysaye Barnwell's "We Are..." on June 2.  June 9 is RE Bridging Sunday, and the children will sing "The Glass Half Full," a song about the importance of one's attitude and whether we view a glass half-empty or half-full.

If you play an instrument, please consider sharing your talent at church.  A song is wonderfully enhanced when we add an instrument or two.

Other opportunities to help the music program, even if you cannot play an instrument or sing, is volunteering to help sort our music.  I'd be happy to tell you how to you can help us out, after a service!

Here is the upcoming music schedule:

Sunday June 2:
   10:30  Choir rehearsal
   11:00  Choir sings

Thursday June 6
   7:30-9:00  Choir rehearsal

Sunday June 9
   10:30  Children and Choir rehearse
   11:00  Children and Choir sing

Thursday June 13
   7:30-9:00  Choir rehearsal

Friday June 14
    10:00-11:30  Free Spirit Band rehearsal

Sunday June 16 
   10:30  Choir rehearsal
   11:00  Choir sings

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