Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are you a steward?

Recently some friends and I were discussing name origins. One of the names that we discussed was Stuart. When we looked up the etymology of the name, we found that it comes from the Scottish steward. A steward was a person who was responsible for the Laird’s resources – land, money, food, cattle, horses and everything needed to run an estate.
The question arose about how this person would operate and what they would do in the modern world. Airplane flight attendants (formerly known as steward and stewardesses), and cruise ship attendants were two modern positions we discussed.
A third includes the steward of a church. Church stewards manage church resources – building, grounds, money and people to name a few. They either volunteer or contribute monetarily to the church or both. A steward should maintain and wisely use the resources of a church. So are you a steward? Do you help maintain and use the resources of the church wisely?
We are currently in our stewardship campaign which ends in April. This is the time you should make your commitment to the church to provide, maintain and use the resources of the church. Have you done so? If not, please do. Our programs for the next year depend on your commitment.
In Faith,
Lucy Neel

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