Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Greetings from Karl Hesse

Greetings upon our new 2013-2014 church year.

At an earlier congregational meeting, you have conferred upon me the honor of serving you as your Board president for this 2013-2014 year.  Lucy, Lou, and all preceding presidents have laid the ground work that will make our new church year fun, full, and fascinating.

Of course, being president is not only a joy but it is also a concern.  Serendipity has a way of bringing us exciting new opportunities to be together as we serve each other and the wider world.  These opportunities often come in the form of problems and challenges and therefore can be a concern.  The recent Southern Region president’s convocation at the Mountain has given me courage to press forward.   There I learned that all of our sister congregations face similar, and in many cases more serious, concerns.

We have a dynamic minister, a balanced budget, and a loving, diverse and growing congregation.   We are so fortunate that I can hardly believe that we have come as far as we have since June of 2009 when Merna and I signed our Piedmont UU Church membership book and filled out our first pledge card.

Therefore I am looking forward to meeting our new challenges this coming church year.  Let us work together to turn them all into opportunities.

In your service, Karl Hesse

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