Monday, November 4, 2013

Have you ever joined with friends to go on a trip?

Have you ever joined with friends to go on a trip, to hike in a forest, to visit a museum. . etc.?

Most of us have and will join with friends to do these things. Krissa has just returned from such a trip with her husband. She expanded her horizons, visited old friends, learned new things and restored her spirit. Such are the benefits of travel on earth and actually also the travel through life.

It is more fun, more economical and more beneficial to journey with friends. That is why I have joined you-all at PUUC in my journey through life. The horizons of my experiences have expanded greatly by joining a Welcoming Congregation. I cannot say that I have visited old friends in PUUC because I had not known any of you before I joined back in 2009. Then again I have made a lot of older friends. Does that count? I clearly have learned many new things, some from Rev. Robin’s sermons, some from the small group Ethical Explorations and Chalice Circles and many from just being and working and laughing with you-all. PUUC is us and you have nurtured my spirit. I have participated in churches most of my life and always remained analytical and rarely found an emotional experience. At PUUC, I find myself with tears of joy. I have found a home here and my chores at my home are not a burden. They are not easy and they can cause me to sweat but like going on a hike in a rugged forest, the work is fun and rewarding when we travel together even if it sometimes is a struggle to keep up.


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