Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pastoral Care Associates

The Congregational Care Council has eleven members who have recently received training from Rev. Justin Martin to serve other members as Pastoral Care Associates. These members are now available to members who seek an empathetic and caring listener for a problem or situation they would like to talk about. This is a ministry of Piedmont UU Church, for which there is no charge. Meetings may occur at a neutral place, such as a coffee shop or restaurant – probably not in each other’s homes. The care provided is not intended to be long term but meetings can take place over several months. Confidentiality is assured.

The Pastoral Care Associates are not intended to be therapists or professional counselors but would refer to Rev. Justin if appropriate for further referral, if that is what is needed. Examples of conversations with a Pastoral Care Associate could be a change in job status that is causing stress or the difficulties of aging parents. The Congregational Care Council has also gathered information about community resources that may be of use of members.

Members who received the training include Michelle Murphy, Val Whitfield, Cheryl Midkiff, Claudia and Alan Perkinson, Joyce Lemmond, Connie Byrne, Helen Patil, Alan Davis, July Dancing, and Merna Hesse. Nancy Delux and Anne Laukaitis, co-chairs of the council, also participated in the training but will not actively participate as Pastoral Care Associates.

If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Rev. Justin at, and he will refer you to one of the Pastoral Care Associates.

Submitted by: Members of the Congregational Care Council: Rev. Justin, Nancy Delux, Michelle Murphy and Anne Laukaitis

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