Monday, March 31, 2014

Piedmont Music Ministry

Piedmont UU Church (University Gathering AND Salisbury Gathering) is a singing, swinging congregation full of gifted musicians and attuned listeners. Music lies at the heart of our worship services and is one of the strong community-building forces in the life of the congregation. Many members find ways to express their creativity through a wide range of performing opportunities. Diverse, eclectic, and always energetic, our program encompasses classical, jazz, folk, rock, blues, and gospel…just to name a few!

On any given Sunday, you might walk into our sanctuary to hear a classical piano piece, a gospel shout, spirituals, the Piedmonters (bluegrass and folk), The Healing Drum Circle, the Early Music Consort (EMC2) or the shimmering sound of handchimes. We believe in listening with open ears and open hearts to the power of the divine which comes to us through music, and we believe in the unique power of music to heal individuals and bring communities together.

If you are interested in participating in any way (including a supporting role such as librarian, database volunteer, setup coordinator, PR, and more) please contact Wally Kleucker at University Gathering ( or Bob Voelker at Salisbury Gathering (

All the best,

Wally Kleucker

Music Director

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