Monday, March 31, 2014

Rev. Robin’s Leave

Spring is fast approaching, and so is my parental leave. At their March meeting, the Board of Trustees reviewed and approved my proposed leave plan. During leave, Sam Treadaway and Rev. Justin will be able to contact me in the event of an emergency. I feel grateful knowing that the shared ministry of our congregation will be held in their capable hands with the support and insight of your Board of Trustees, professional staff, and leaders. And I feel even more grateful to serve a congregation who values families and makes it possible for our staff to care for our families. Thank you.
Of course, the babies may have other plans, but for now here is how your leadership imagines this summer unfolding…
If the case of bed rest should arise, during bed rest Rev. Robin will maintain email and phone contact. She will prepare Sunday services, but services will be delivered by Rev. Justin or by one of the co-chairs of the Religious Services Council. Pastoral care appointments will only be held by phone and all urgent in-person pastoral care will be deferred to Rev. Justin and the pastoral care associates. All weddings have back-up ministers currently scheduled should Rev. Robin be unable to do so. Rev. Robin will join the Religious Services Council, Vision 20/20, Board of Trustees, Adult Religious Education Team, Shared Ministry Team, Social Justice Council, Interweave, staff meetings, individual staff supervision and ADORE (A Discussion on Race and Ethnicity) teams via teleconference during bed rest.
Planned parental leave begins effective July 1st, 2014 until August 31st, 2014. During parental leave, Rev. Robin will be relieved of all Sunday services responsibilities, committee and council work, leadership development, pastoral responsibilities, staff supervision, rites of passage, email/phone communication, and leadership consulting.
While she is on leave, responsibilities will be allocated in the following ways:
Board of Trustees (namely Sam Treadaway as President):
  1. Makes day-to-day decisions about enforcing policies, and ensure conflicts/concerns are addressed and/or referred to the Healthy Congregations Team.
  2. Prepares chalice lighting and reading for Board meetings.
  3. Plans August Leadership Development meeting.
  4. Touches base with all committees and councils within the Shared Ministry Team in early August.

Rev. Justin (Minister of Care and Education):
  1. Assumes all pastoral care responsibilities and delegates to Congregational Care Council or pastoral care associates as he determines appropriate.
  2. Preaches from June 29th- August 3rd
  3. Supervises staff (individually meets with all staff once in July and holds a staff meeting in August).
  4. Makes any day-to-day decisions to facilitate the health of our shared ministry team.
Religious Services Council:
  1. Coordinates summer services for August 10th-31st by working with pre-arranged guest speakers .
Deb Davelka (Office Administrator):
  1. Makes decisions regarding rental contracts, changes to rental contracts and negotiations with renter relationships with Rev. Justin’s signature.
  2. Makes all final decisions on newsletter, Order of Service announcements and congregational communication (except what is requested by Sam Treadaway on behalf of the Board of Trustees).
On September 1st, Rev. Robin will return part-time until October 1st when she resumes full duties and full-time. During September 1st-October 1st, Rev. Robin will:
  1. Lead worship on Sundays.
  2. Be available for urgent pastoral care needs.
  3. Attend to rites of passage.
  4. Attend Board of Trustees meetings, Shared Ministry Team, Religious Services Council, ADORE Team and Healthy Congregations Team (as applicable) meetings.
  5. Lead staff meetings and supervise individual staff members.

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