Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last month we searched for our passion.

Last month we searched for our passion.

Some of us couldn’t find it.  Some of us have fun hobbies.  I like Fordson tractors but I can’t say it is a passion.  Some of us have great ideas and we work hard to make them happen.  Others are lucky enough to really enjoy our jobs.  Then the rest of us just try our best to serve others and make the world a better place.  Many of us do that with the help and support of our Piedmont UU Church family.  Our Board members always try to keep up with all of the good things that happen at Piedmont UU Church.  They usually are able to thank those who do the work and find ways to support at least some of the great ideas.  There are times however when we on the Board do not become aware of the hours of planning, the extra pledge, or the skillful task that has been completed, often completed many times without fanfare.  That reminds me of the sign on the wall at Linney’s Mill.  It says that “Doing a good job is kinda like wetting in a dark pair of pants. . . You get a warm feeling but nobody notices."

February’s theme is forgiveness.  We on the Board hope that you will be able to forgive us for not noticing sometimes or for taking some of your work for granted.

I hope that you-all enjoy groundhogs day and that you have a fulfilling February.

In your service, 

P.S.  I think that I have finally found my passion.  It is our Piedmont UU Church family.

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