Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I am a Unitarian Universalist

I first heard about the UU Church when I was returning to Racine, Wisconsin after driving our son, Ted, back to St. Colletta School in Jefferson, Wisconsin on cold Sunday nights. The local radio station had a half hour show devoted to a local minister talking about the world view of Unitarian Universalists. Every Sunday night that I listened, I became more in tune with the beliefs and principles of what was to become my religion.

Several years later we joined the UU Church of Racine/Kenosha. When we joined we had an enthusiastic, talented, and socially conscious minister who led the congregation to growth and outreach. Our church became Olympia Brown Church and Ted later enrolled in Olympia Brown School, a public school in Racine which served as a neighborhood school and one which also served exceptional students. Olympia Brown is known as our religion’s first woman to be ordained by a congregation. She is famed as a suffragette, a UU minister, a woman who “had it all”. She had a husband and children and persevered in her drive to bring the important messages of our UU faith to everyone.

When we joined the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, Rev. Sydney Freeman was our minister. He won me over immediately when he talked about going to kindergarten many years ago in Madison, Wisconsin! Later, we learned of his courageous acts to stand with others in the fight for Civil Rights in Charlotte.  Those of us who call Charlotte, NC home, can be so proud of our former minister and be inspired to continue his legacy of equality and justice!

Today, we have UU ministers in Charlotte who inspire us to become part of a beloved community which nourishes our congregations and also assumes a vital role in our larger community. This is our proud heritage.

Sandra Woolsey

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