Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Members Assisting with Pastoral Care

Looking out for each other is an activity that goes on continuously in a good church! The Congregational Care Council at Piedmont UU exists to support our two ministers in the provision of pastoral care. Everyone in the congregation is welcome to assist! Here are some areas in which the council is currently seeking volunteers to assist:
  • Respond to an e-mail request from Ilene McFarland to send a message of caring or a card to a member who is ill, hospitalized, has suffered a loss, etc. The recipient does not have to be another member you know well. You share membership in the Piedmont community and you are writing as a fellow caring member!
  • Respond to an occasional request to assist with food for a member or member’s family at a time of need. Usually this would entail bringing a dish to church that may be taken to the member’s home by someone else.
  • Sign up for occasional assistance with transportation for another member. This may be driving someone to a doctor’s appointment or test at a hospital, etc. For example, a person living alone without nearby family may need someone to accompany him or her on an appointment.
Michelle Murphy, Congregational Care Council Chair, will talk briefly about this in February at one of the services, and she and the other co-chairs will have sign-up sheets available to interested members to sign up. You may also e-mail Anne Laukaitis at Laukaitis@windstream.net or talk to Michelle, Nancy, or Anne at any service. Our hope is that many members will want to participate in one or more of these pastoral care activities!

Nancy Delux, Michelle Murphy and Anne Laukaitis, Congregational Care Co-Chairs.

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