Thursday, May 1, 2014

Do good deeds anyway!

The theme for May is Transformation: Rev. Robin explains that “we don’t expect or insist upon a drastic transformation like the conversion experiences that are hallmarks for many other faith traditions.  But we uphold the free and responsible search alongside the hope of spiritual growth for us all.  How can we nurture this gradual transformation in our lives and keep all of us accountable to our spiritual paths?”
I say keep patiently working at it.
Robin is speaking of spiritual transformation. I see similar transformations being made all around me by many people doing good deeds that slowly transform the world for the better. This week, I started reading a book from our meeting house bookshelf entitled “Do It Anyway”
In 1939 when my Dad planted 6 inch tall cedars for a windbreak, the neighbors laughed and said “you will never live long enough to sit in the shade of those trees”. He planted them anyway. When Piedmont UU Church members campaigned against Amendment One, success was not assured but we did it anyway. Contributions made by charter members to Piedmont UU Church have taken 25 years to transform us into the church we are today. Now, many of us are sharing our talents and treasure to continue the transformations, often without fanfare and sometimes facing criticism, but we do it anyway.
In our current world, if a profit cannot be extracted or success achieved in the first few years, people say an investment is not worth it. Often those who do invest their time and money to change our society, our laws and our environment are ignored and laughed at. We do it anyway. Let us all keep transforming ourselves and our world by doing good anyway. Thank you all for the good that you do!

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