Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Stone Cairn is nearly finished. Any missing stones, please report for foundation building duty!

Dear friends, wonderers, wanderers, lovers of leaving, (as the song goes),

The Stewardship pledge campaign officially has raised $212,518 for next FY's budget. Everyone who pledged should have received a personalized thank you note by now which also serves as your only confirmation of pledge amount. (In other words, no statement mailings). Many thanks again to all those who pledged. Together, we make a difference in the world and each others' lives.

If you go to any committee meetings as an observer or member, you would be amazed at the amount of activity that is being planned for the coming year and that requires financial resources from our members. So, if you have not pledged already, please do so now by sending an email to Stewardship@puuc.org with your details. Pledges also may be made online using the PUUC.org/give pledge form. (Since paper can be easily lost, now that the formal pledge drive is over, we would be grateful if you make it easy for us by going electronic.) Did I forget to say that all remaining pledges for next year are still heartily welcome?

P.S. If a confirmed amount was incorrect, please email me with any corrections. Please double check your thank you note. If you did not get a thank you note, please email stewardship.

in faith, fellowship and community,
Lisa Dickinson Chair, Stewardship Committee

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